Why is testing for Covid-19 important?

Certainty, Peace of Mind, Visualization what ever else you want to call it, testing for Covid-19 will provide that. Let’s focus on the three topics.

Certainty for individuals who think they are exposed to Covid-19, be it positive or negative result. Certainty for individuals who think their immune system is so powerful that they will not be affected. Certainty for individuals who believe divinity will help them beat any exposure. If you test often, you can prove your point.

Peace of Mind for front line workers knowing that the person in front of them has tested positive so they can protect themselves accordingly and not be worried about unnecessary exposure to Covid-19. Peace of Mind to organizations, schools and places of worship that individuals walking in and out of their premises are tested and there is proof of their test. You don’t want vaccination passport, fine, show proof of test.

Visualization, data is key to all aspects of a solution. The more data you have the better you can visualize a issue, the better you can visualize an issue the better you can predict. Here is a data collection and visualization by fine folks at *:

Most governments need to visualize a problem so they can act accordingly to tackle it. If we don’t collect any data we will just be wasting time and resources on not knowing what the urgent issues are. Urgent issue is testing.

Cost of buying a test needs to dramatically decrease for testing uptake to happen. Currently antigen tests are absurdly price and only a select few large corporations tend to have the license to make them. Our government needs to step up like they have regarding Vaccine to successfully increase testing. The more you know, the better.

We roughly tested only .40% of population in the US in August of 2021. That is not enough.

Covid-19 Testing and Positive results for August 2021
August 2021 total Covid-19 testing and positive

*Hasell, J., Mathieu, E., Beltekian, D. et al. A cross-country database of COVID-19 testing. Sci Data 7, 345 (2020)