Unboxing the Covid-19 At-home test from our government.

The At-Home test supplied by our government

We received the free at-home covid-19 test that was promised by President Biden on his December 21st 2021 speech.

The website went live on January 13, 2022 where you could fill in a form that was hosted on USPS site which promised to deliver 4 at home test kits per family.

Here is what it looks like.

at-home test Top of the box
at-home test top view

All easy to understand language with a support number to call in case of questions. Manufactured and Expiry dates is also displayed. This particular case it’s 6 months.

at-home test box bottom view
at-home test box bottom view

This particular test was manufactured by SD Biosensor in Republic of Korea and distributed by Roche Diagnostics in Indiana.

at-home test box back
at-home test box back view

Backview displays storage information and contents in English and Spanish.

at-home test box side
at-home test box side vide

Side view displays COVID-19 At-Home Test and the distributor name Roche and number of kits in the box.

at-home test box contents
at-home test box contents

Inside the box you get

  • Quick reference instructions in English only.
  • 4 Test Devices marked 1
  • 4 Steril Swabs
  • 4 Tubes with Liquid, marked 2
  • 1 Nozzle cap inside package marked 2
  • 1 Tube Holder.

All items are packed neatly inside a 6″ x 5″ box