FDA authorizes 2 new at-home test for Covid-19

Who are the two new at-home covid test from?

Roche and Siemens At-Home Tests, Which Went Through New Biden Administration Accelerated Review Program

What are the at-home test called?

Roche at-home test  is called :SARS-CoV-2 Rapid Antigen Test 
Siemens at-home test is called: CLINITEST® Rapid COVID-19 Self-Test

Why make a big deal about these two?

These two tests were authorized in just two months since joint FDA-NIH Program Accelerating Test Developers through regulatory process was announced. That should mean, more tests from different manufactureres should be approved faster and more tests can be manufactured and delivered to the people that need it most.

In late October, HHS announced the Administration would invest $70 million from the American Rescue Plan to help bring more high-quality, at-home tests onto the market in the U.S. in coordination with FDA. This new Independent Test Assessment Program (ITAP) is helping identify manufacturers of high-quality tests and encouraging them to bring those tests to the U.S. market, increasing options for people and overall supply and potentially lowering costs.