Australia approves at home testing antigen tests

After 66.3% of Australians fully vaccinated as of today, The Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration(TGA) has approved 5 at home tests for it’s citizens to use. 3 of them are Nasal Swab tests, the rest 2 are Fluid(Saliva) based rapid antigen tests for use from November 1st 2021.

4 tests are from China based Hangzhou Alltest Biotech Co Ltd.

The 1 other is from Korean based SD Biosensor.

Australian ‘At home test’ manufacturer Ellume is surprisingly missing from the current list, hopefully they’re working to be included in their home country.

There isn’t much information about how one goes about acquiring these tests for use, will they be prescription or OTC based? Free? Once we know more details this article will be updated.

Nov 1 Update from

“Rapid Antigen Self-tests for home use are available from the 1st of November and can be used unsupervised and do not require a health practitioner.

Rapid Antigen Self-tests can be purchased on-line, from pharmacies or from any other retail outlet that stocks the test. You will need to contact the retailer supplying the tests in relation to cost.”