At home test providers are starting to ship tests

Two providers of at home test are starting to ship or will ship soon their testing kits. Nurx and carbon health.

Quote from
“Nurx and our longstanding home testing lab partner Molecular Testing Labs are providing a comprehensive home testing and online consultation service for people who may have been exposed to COVID-19. Our goal is to expand access to testing while decreasing the risk of exposure and taking the strain off in-person healthcare providers. “

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” We’re collecting COVID-19 test specimens at all our California locations in the San Francisco Bay Area (East Bay, South Bay, and North Bay) and in LA County. In a time like this when social distancing is strongly encouraged for your health and your community, we strongly recommend that you assess your risk via our tool first, before deciding to go into any testing center, including ours. “

It’s good to see things moving fast and at home test coming online.